Nov 01

This note introduces the use of the Java Properties file, some locations where such a file can be put, a method to use a properties file residing in an arbitrary location without hardcoding the location, and the most basic method of access to the properties in the properties file.

Loading Properties from a File, discussion.

Loading Properties from a File, Java CAPS 5.1.3 project export

Oct 28

This note walks through an example of configuring Java CAPS 5.1 through adding a custom property to system properties. Java collaboration developed in Note 1 is used to retrieve the value of the new property.

Note 2 discussion

Oct 28

Java CAPS 5.1 developer may need to determine a runtime value of one or more system properties to, perhaps, use its vale for runtime flow control. This is the first in a series of notes on the use of Java Properties for controlling runtime behaviour of Java CAPS solutions.

This note walks through an example of configuring Java CAPS 5.1 and developing, and exercising, a Java Collaboration Definition that dumps all system properties to a file and that accesses the values of two specific properties, by name, and dumping them to a file as well.

Note 1: Get system properties discussion

Note 1: UseOfProperties -> GetProperties 5.1.3 project export

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