Jul 27

Rather then inventing an example to discuss and illustrate the use of the Oracle JCA Adapter let’s build a solutions that uses the Oracle JCA Adapter and shows additional Java CAPS 6 facilities of interest.

Let’s take the example from the “Java CAPS Basics: Implementing Common EAI Patterns Companion CD” book, ISBN: 0-13-713071-6, Chapter 11 “Scalability and Resilience”, Section 11.2 “Exception Handling”, subsection 11.2.1 “Exceptions in Java Collaborations”, “JMS-Triggered Java Collaborations”. The book from which this section comes is available on the Companion CD. Let’s re-work this example using Java CAPS 6 JCA Adapters.

This example illustrates exception handling involving a JMS-triggered JCA Message-Driven Bean.
The MDB is designed to receive a JMS message, update a field in a database table row with the value of the text message, write the text message, together with the timestamp, to a file and finish.

The complete Note is provided in 06JMSTriggeredJCAwithOracle.pdf

Update: Thanks to Dao Tien Tran for pointing out a typo on page 5. I corrected the typo and uploaded the corrected document.  Change is marked in color and with a change bar.

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