Jul 14

Someone asked a question along the lines of “Is it possible to develop a solution in OpenESB where the HTTP BC receives a request and the SMTP BC uses it to send electronic mail with no BPEL logic to tie the two together”. I though that the answer was “Yes” but I felt I had to verify it. Vishnuvardhan Piskalaramesh from Sun, who is looking after the SMTP BC, and Sherry Weng from Sun, who is looking after the HTTP BC, helped along and here is the result.

This note describes, with illustrations, a mini integration solution wherein an appropriately formulated HTTP GET request is used to submit an electronic mail to a SMTP server, using the HTTP Binding Component and the SMTP Binding Component, without the need to provide any transformation logic. This is another example where a
practical JBI-based integration solution can be constructed in minutes.
05JBI_HTTP2SMTP_NoBPEL.pdf provides the illustrated discussion.

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