Jun 14

The GlassFish ESB Suite can be used to develop and deploy Composite Applications, a cornerstone of SOA. It has the integration, connectivity and management functionality necessary to develop artifacts in the lower 3 of the 4 SOA Layers. To complete the stack, and provide artifacts in the SOA 1 (Presentation Layer) requires additional technologies. One assumes that a web-based user interface is what one would choose to develop a presentation layer of the composite application. One assumes further that the Composite Applications with the Web-based User Interface will be exposed through a standards-compliant Portal infrastructure as standards-compliant portlets, rather then stand-alone web applications.

This document walks through the process of installing the Sun WebSpace Server 10 Portal to the GlassFish ESB v2.1 installation and addition of Portal Pack tooling to the NetBeans 6.5 tooling packaged with the GalssFish ESB v2.1.


Note (April 2010): This also works for Java CAPS 6.2
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