Jul 11

In addition to doing it the hard way, which is something a developer could always do and frequently did, Java CAPS 6 gives a developer 4 ways in which to receive messages from a JMS Destination. Two of these will be familiar to the Java CAPS 5.x developer and involve a JMS-triggered JCD and a JMS-triggered eInsight BP. Of the two additional ways in Java CAPS 6, one involves the use of the JBI infrastructure through the JMS Binding Component (JMS BC) and one involves the use of the just introduced evolution of the 5.x eWays variously referred to as Global RARs or Java 1.5 EE JCA adapters.

This discussion revolves around the JCA adapter use and points out, appearances notwithstanding, how easy it will be for a JCD developer to develop JCD-equivalent ‘collaborations’ using JCA adapters in Java CAPS 6.

Note that OpenESB does not provide this functionality and that this functionality has nothing whatever to do with the JBI.

Credits go to Frank Kieviet and others who proposed and oversaw the evolution of the eWays into JCAs and Dao Tien Tran whose JCA tutorial helped me get started.

Here is the document that discusses the topic: 05JCA-basedJMSConsummer.pdf

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