Aug 01

In this walkthrough I will add a Google Map showing a Route between patient’s home address location and the location of patient’s facility of record, as well as directions to follow along this route, to the Visual Web JSF Portlet developed in “Patient Lookup Visual Web JSF Portlet with a nicer looking Google Map”.

The walkthrough document is here: 02_PatienLookup_VWJSFPortletGooRoute.pdf

The comnpanion archive with NetBeans project artifacts is here:

Jul 31

The previous blog, walked through development and deployment of the Patient Lookup Portlet with a basic Google Map centered at the location identified by patient address, if any. It was a fairly basic Google Map, as Google maps go. In this document I will add a better looking Google Map to the Patient Lookup Portlet, explicitly using Google Maps APIs to construct the map.

The walkthrough is here: 02_PatienLookup_VWJSFPortletGooMapFancy.pdf

The companion archive, containing the NetBeans project, is here:

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