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Java CAPS 5.1.3 Correlation Example 1 – ELS Counted Messages

Correlations are probably the single least understood area of eInsight functionality. The example discussed in the attached document implements one of the “Event Linking and Sequencing” patterns, present in e*Gate 4.5 and eGate SRE, that is alleged to have been lost in ICAN and Java CAPS. In as much as implementing ELS in eInsight 5.1 using correlation requires some development, rather then just configuration, one could argue that it was lost. In as much as implementing ELS in eInsight 5.1 is possible and relatively simple, one could also argue the opposite.

The example discussed in the document, and illustrated with the Java CAPS 5.1.3 project export, implements a part of the ELS functionality dealing with linking a specific number of related messages, a counted correlation pattern, or an aggregator pattern.

CorrelationExamples_01_SimpleCountedTwo.doc – writeup

CountedSimple.zip – Java CAPS 5.1.3 Project Export