Dec 13

Recently I had an occasion to work on an integration project which required the Rhapsody 4.01-based integration solution to receive messages from a JMS Topic hosted by the Sun Java System Message Queue bundled with the Oracle/Sun GlassFish v2.x JMS . Product documentation and Internet searches did not offer assistance in terms of how the Rhapsody JMS Adapter needs to be configured to support this. While there are a number of articles which discuss the topic of configuring JMS Client to interact with GlassFish-hosted SJSMQ JMS Server, none of the solutions described in these articles worked for me. A degree of experimentation and creative adaptation resulted in a working configuration. This article discusses this solution for the benefit of these who will be faced with this problem and for my own benefit if I need to do this again in the future.

In this article I deal with JMS client access to the JMS destinations using the “com.sun.jndi.fscontext.RefFSContextFactory”, to which references can be found on the Internet but which is not documented as well as I would have liked when I had a need to use this method.

Here I use Windows conventions for directory and file paths. For Unix, adjust as required. I assume that you have a GlassFish 2.x installation, perhaps as part of a Sun/Oracle Java CAPS SOA infrastructure or as part of the Oracle Healthcare Master Person Index infrastructure. I also assume that you need to create a Rhapsody integration solution using GlassFish environment-hosted JMS topics and/or queues. This last may or may not be your motivation. Except for the Rhapsody bits, the method should hold for any JMS client, but I have not tried this method in any other client deployment. Perhaps someday I will.

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