Jun 23

This article is a follow on to the “Oracle SOA Suite 11g HL7 Inbound Example”, at http://blogs.czapski.id.au/2010/06/oracle-soa-suite-11g-hl7-inbound-example. In that article the B2B infrastructure was configured to return the “immediate ack” as soon as it received each message. The ACK was always a positive ACK, regardless of whether the message was valid or not and whether it was successfully processed.

In this article I expand on the previous post by adding the Functional ACK, an explicit ACK message, which is returned after a message is parsed and validated, if validation is required. This means that rather than always returning an ACK the receiver will return a NAK if the message is invalid.

The article, 02_Oracle_SOA_Suite_HL7_inbound_example_ACK_Addendum_v0.2.3.pdf, is available at http://blogs.czapski.id.au/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/02_Oracle_SOA_Suite_HL7_inbound_example_ACK_Addendum_v0.2.3.pdf

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  2. […] article is a follow on to the “Oracle SOA Suite 11g HL7 Inbound Example – Functional ACK Addendum” article and the “Oracle SOA Suite 11g HL7 Inbound – Customized HL7 Message Structure and […]

  3. por says:

    Mchael, Great article!!!
    Could you please explain me.. how B2B infrastructure send messages to SOA composite? in other words…I didn’t quite get how localpartner is sending messages to SOA composite.

    • Thanks – we aim to help 🙂
      The B2B infrastructure has 3 ways to pass messages to som eother component for processing – the “direct B2B adapter” – which I understand is the AQ Queue – and a JMS Queue. I typically use the “direct B2B adpater” in SOA Composites. By default B2B will use the AQ Queue unless changed in teh Administration –> Configuration –> Non Purgeable –>? Use JSM Queue as Default: TRUE, in which case JMS Queue B2B_IN_QUEUE will be used for inbound and B2B_OUT_QUEUE will be used for outbound.
      I am not sure whether this help. If you need more elaboration please post to teh Oracle B2B Forum – there are people there whoi know way more about the internals then I do 🙂



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