Oracle SOA Suite 11g HL7 Inbound Example – Functional ACK Addendum

This article is a follow on to the “Oracle SOA Suite 11g HL7 Inbound Example”, at In that article the B2B infrastructure was configured to return the “immediate ack” as soon as it received each message. The ACK was always a positive ACK, regardless of whether the message was valid or not and whether it was successfully processed.

In this article I expand on the previous post by adding the Functional ACK, an explicit ACK message, which is returned after a message is parsed and validated, if validation is required. This means that rather than always returning an ACK the receiver will return a NAK if the message is invalid.

The article, 02_Oracle_SOA_Suite_HL7_inbound_example_ACK_Addendum_v0.2.3.pdf, is available at

4 thoughts on “Oracle SOA Suite 11g HL7 Inbound Example – Functional ACK Addendum

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  3. por

    Mchael, Great article!!!
    Could you please explain me.. how B2B infrastructure send messages to SOA composite? in other words…I didn’t quite get how localpartner is sending messages to SOA composite.

    1. Mchael Czapski Post author

      Thanks – we aim to help 🙂
      The B2B infrastructure has 3 ways to pass messages to som eother component for processing – the “direct B2B adapter” – which I understand is the AQ Queue – and a JMS Queue. I typically use the “direct B2B adpater” in SOA Composites. By default B2B will use the AQ Queue unless changed in teh Administration –> Configuration –> Non Purgeable –>? Use JSM Queue as Default: TRUE, in which case JMS Queue B2B_IN_QUEUE will be used for inbound and B2B_OUT_QUEUE will be used for outbound.
      I am not sure whether this help. If you need more elaboration please post to teh Oracle B2B Forum – there are people there whoi know way more about the internals then I do 🙂




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