Apr 03

As I was going through the past entries, fixing links and uploading articles, to make sure that past posts in the new blog are working, I came across articles related to my trip for the Java One 2008 and the “launch” of the Java CAPS book. Since it is not likely that I will be getting another book in a great hurry I thought I will post some of the picures I took with my crummy phone camera 🙂

Michael Czapski with a copy oof the Java CAPS Book in the Java One 2008 bookstore

Brendan Marry, one of the co-authors, with the Java CAPS Book, in front of a shelf with a bunch of Java CAPS books

Java One 2008 feeding place - sone of the over 15 thousand people queuing to get lunch

Java One 2008 - plenary session venue

Brendan Mary with Myrna Rivera (right) in the Prentice Hall boot on teh Java One 2008 Exhibition floor. Myrna, who worked for SUn Publishing at the time, helped us a great deal in getting the book published - thanks Myrna 🙂

Java One 2008 - a walking, talking Duke mascot

Frank Kieviet (not that one could tell) delivering his part of our Java One session on implementing EAI patterns with OpenESB

Prentice Hall booth at Java One 2008 exhibition floor, featuring the Java CAPS book, amongst others 🙂

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