Apr 24

From time to time prospective clients ask for a proof that Java CAPS will not loose HL7 messages in the event of machine or network failure.

This note walks through the process of installing a Java CAPS 6.2 runtime on the Base OpenSolaris-based VMware Virtual Appliance, discussed in the Blog Entry “GlassFish ESB v2.x Field Notes – Preparing Basic JeOS Appliance for GlassFish ESB LB and HA Testing” at http://blogs.czapski.id.au/2010/01/glassfish-esb-v2-x-field-notes-preparing-basic-jeos-appliance-for-glassfish-esb-lb-and-ha-testing.

At the end of the Note we will have a Java CAPS 6.2 VMware Appliance with Java CAPS 6.2 Runtime infrastructure, ready to use for reliability testing, or any other purpose for which a Java CAPS 6.2 runtime appliance might be appropriate.

The Note is available at “http://blogs.czapski.id.au/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/02_Installing_JavaCAPS_6.2_on_JeOS_appliance_v1.0.0.0.pdf“.

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  3. mcahornsirup says:

    Hi.Is there a way of getting hands on Java CAPS – it was available for download 2 years ago, part of an enterprise mult dvd download… but these days, it seems to be gone : (

    • Hello.

      Als, to my knowledge, Java CAPS has never been available for download. This is not likely to change. To get a hold of one you need to be an existing Java CAPS customer or come to an arrangnebt with a Sun/Oracle sales person to get a copy on trial.



  4. David says:

    Is anyone able to download the JeOS images? The download always stalls out after a few minutes for me. I tried from several locations to no success… Could anybody upload a copy somewhere else? 🙂

  5. It took over 3 hours but the download completed. I was able to open it with winzip so it did not get corrupted in the process.

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