HL7 Processor Demonstration – GlassFish ESB v2.1

This Note walks the reader through development of a GlassFish ESB v2.1based solution that addresses a Healthcare-related business problem. The Note elaborates on the healthcare background necessary to get a notion of what is being done and why, and provides detailed steps required to implement and exercise the solution to the business problem.

We will use the HL7 Binding Component, the File Binding Component, the JMS Binding Component, the SOAP/HTTP Binding Component, the BPEL 2.0 Service Engine, the JavaEE Service Engine, the HL7 Encoder and EJB-based Web Services in a JBI-based solution.

This note is an update, for GlassFish ESB v2.1, of the original noteĀ  “HL7 Processor Demonstration – Java CAPS 6/JBI and OpenESB”, to be found at http://blogs.czapski.id.au/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/00_HL7_Example_Development_Instructions_Final.pdf.

Updated note is available at http://blogs.czapski.id.au/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/00_HL7_Example_Development_Instructions_Final_1.1.2.pdf

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