Sep 18

In this document I explore the effects of selected web services security policies on SOAP message exchange in the GlassFish ESB v2.1.

This is a work-in-progress document, now at rev 0.2.

To provide early access I intend to release revisions of this document as significant new sections become available.

Revision 0.1: Content
* Assumptions and Notes
* Person Service XML Schema and WSDL Interface
* Common XML Project
* PersonSvc BPEL Module
* PersonCli BPEL Modules
* Person Service – Plain End-to-End
* Person Service – SSL with Server-side Authentication

Revision 0.2:Added Content
•    JBI-based Person Service – SSL with Mutual Authentication (broken)
•    EJB-based Person Service – No security
•    EJB-based Person Service – SSL with Server-side Authentication

More in CH05_WSSecurityExploration_r0.2.3.pdf at

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