Jul 24

This document discusses how to implement support for WS-Security 1.0 (2004) in Java CAPS 6 Repository projects without resorting to SOAP Message Handlers. This is an update to my 3 year old Java CAPS 5.1 document on this topic, “Java CAPS 5.1, Implementing WS-Security 1.0 (2004) with JAX-RPC“. In this “release” Access Manager support for Username Token Profile has been removed. Feel free to add it if you need such support.

Java CAPS 6 Update 1 supports a mechanism for hooking SOAP envelope handlers into the Java CAPS Web Services framework so what I did and described in this document can now be done differently – perhaps better. I had a look at how to implement SOAP Message Handlers and it looked like work so I did not go there.

This material is provided on “all care but no responsibility” basis. Sun Java CAPS Support will not support this and neither will I. JAX-RPC from JWSDP 2.0, which is at the heart of the implementation, is deprecated and has long since been replaced by WSIT/JAX-WS/Tango.

Here is the document: Implementing_WS-Security_1.3_for_JavaCAPS6U1Repository.pdf
Here is the companion archive with all the required material: WSSecSampleProject_1.3_JCAPS6U1.zip

The WSSecurity.jar contains both the binary classes and the Java sources.

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