Jul 21

The business idea behind the functionality developed in this walkthrough is that patients are looked after in various healthcare facilities. Healthcare workers need to lookup patient details such as their identifier, gender, birth date or address. A relational database holds patient details as well as other information of relevance such as descriptions of various coded values. Patient details are available through a web service. Facility list and details, used to narrow down the search for patients to a specific facility, are available through a web service. These web services will be used to construct the Portlet that will allow patient search and a display of patient details with display a Google Map, centered at patient’s address, if one is available and is valid for the purpose of mapping. This Portlet will be deployed to the Sun FOSS Web Space Server 10 Portal.

The previous blog entry walked through development and deployment of the basic Patient Lookup Portlet. In this document I add a basic Google Map to the Patient Lookup Portlet.

Other blog entries in this series walked the reader through the process of implementing GlassFish ESB v2.1-based web services which return facility list and facility details as well as patient details.

Note that this walkthrough builds on the Patient Lookup Portlet, built previously, but deals exclusively with Visual Web JSF portlet-related technologies, Java Script and Google Maps API.

The walkthrough document is here: 02_PatienLookup_VWJSFPortletGooMapBasic.pdf

The project archive is here: PatientLookupGooMapBasicVWJSFP_companion_archive.zip

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