Jun 30

This Quick Note discusses a simple solution to the use case provided by Leonard Barkley. The question goes like this:

“I dont have any idea how to implement BPEL process but the BPEL deployed as a subscriber of a topic. usually I implement the BPEL process and deployed it as web service.”

We produce a simple GlassFish ESB v2.1-based solution which reads a file, sends its content to a JMS Topic and another simple GlassFish ESB v2.1-based solution which subscribes to the same JMS Topic, receives the message and writes it to a file. Both solutions will use BPEL to implement the simple logic, though it is possible to implement both solutions without BPEL, so we have File BC -> BPEL SE -> JMS BC -> JMS Provider (Topic) -> JMS BC -> BPEL SE -> File BC.

Here is the note: QuickNote003_forLeonardBarkley.pdf

Hire is an archive with the project group containing all the projects developed in the Note: JMSTopicSampleProjGrp.zip

As Leonard Barkley pointed out to me, having implemented the sample, the Note is incorrect on Pages 23 and 24. The JMSSubscriber_JMSIn WSDL should use the Receive type, not Send type as the docuent states. The solution still works, it appears, but the configuration as documented is confusing. Thanks Leonard.

One Response to “Quick Note 003 for JBI-based JMS Publisher and Subscriber example for Leonard Barkley”

  1. Michael Czapski for Jonathan says:

    Hi Michael

    Hope you had a good break.

    Just followed your quick note 003, simple JBI project. Don’t know if you’re at all interested or not, but found a couple of typos in this.

    In the Subscriber project you say to create a JMS/Send WSDL instead of JMS/Receive.

    The other 2 items hardly rate a mention, but as I’m writing this email anyway…… 🙂
    "Right click Project Files" should be "Right Click Process Files".
    In both Publish and Subscribe projects there’s no mention of actually creating the bpel object – I’m guessing it’s so simple an example you didn’t bother to add all steps.


    Thanks, Jonathan.
    I thought it might be a good idea to post this as a comment for the benefit of these who intend to work through the material.

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