Jun 20

It is likely that, at some point or another, a SOA-based solution will require a graphical user interface. In a typical 4 layer SOA stack SOA 1, the Presentation Layer, is delivered as a series of Web Applications, by preferences through a Portal-based solution. Sun Web Space Server 10 is a Free and Open Source Portal solution that can be readily integrated into a SOA infrastructure, for example one based on the GlassFish ESB v2.1 – the Free and Open Source ESB. How Web Space Server can be added to the GlassFosh ESB v2.1 infrastructure is discussed in the blog entry “Adding Sun WebSpace Server 10 Portal Server functionality to the GlassFish ESB v2.1 Installation”.
Web Space Server takes over the web container, in a manner of speaking, causing all web references to be redirected through to the portal infrastructure. This makes it impossible to interact with web services deployed to the instance of GlassFish. Web Services and Web Space Server do not play nicely together when installed in the manner discussed in the Blog.

This document provides instructions which will allow Web Services and Web Space Server to play nicely in the same instance of GlassFish by changing the servlet context which the Web Space Server manages from / to a different one. This will allow all other servlet contexts to be treated qas though the Web Space Server was not installed and will allow the two sets of functionality to coexist.

The credit for this solution goes to users@webspace.dev.java.net, in particular Srikanth Konjarla, Deepak Gothe and Allan Foster.

Here is the document, MakingWebSpaceServerAndWebServicesPlayNicely.pdf.

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