Jun 27

The Portlet developed in the previous blog gives plain facility details. A richer Portlet could use the facility address to show the facility location on a Map.

Here I will walk through development of a Visual Web JSF Mashup Portlet, which will use a Web Service as a data provider to get facility details and a Google Maps REST Service to get the Google map displaying facility location. I use the NetBeans 6.5.1 IDE, part of the GlassFish ESB v2.1 installation, the Portal Pack 3.0.1 NetBeans Plugin and the JSF Portal Bridge provided by the Web Space Server 10. The Portlet will use JSF components provided by Project Woodstock. The Google Map service is integrated into NetBeans IDE. Technologies will be introduced in a practical manner.

It took me some effort to work out how to add a Google Map to a Portlet so I though I will share the experience.

This is not a tutorial on JavaServer Faces, Visual Web JSF, Project Woodstock, Portlet development or Google Maps usage.

Here is the document: 01_FacilityService_WebSpacePortletWithGoogleMap.pdf

Here is an archive containing all the projects developed in this and the last 3 blog entries: 01_FacilityService_all_project.zip

As provided, the ui_facility table has a bunch of addresses which are fairly silly and will never get a proper map. This MySQL script has a bunch of SQL update statements to replace these addresses with real addresses that are mappable.

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