Mar 13

Java CAPS 5.x came with its own, built-in version control system, which many people liked and many despised. Java CAPS 6 Repository still has that version control system. Unlike the repository-based components standard NetBeans components, EJBs, and the JBI-based components, developed through the OpenESB Project and supported, for a fee, in the GlassFishESB product, must use an external version control system, if they are to be placed under version control.

This note discusses how a Subversion VCS can be installed on a Windows platform and used to provide version control for non-Repository components in Java CAPS 6 product and for projects in the GlassFishESB product and OpenESB project.

Clearly, non-Windows platforms can be similarly configured to support Subversion.

This Note, Subversion_with_OpenESB_GlassFishESB_or_JavaCAPS6, is a step-by-step guide to getting Subversion installed and configured to work with NetBeans 6.1. It is not a tutorial on version control.

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