Aug 27

In a number of blog entries I used Oracle 9i as the database against which solutions under discussion were executed. This is dandy for people who have Oracle, which is a payware piece and quite expensive. For these who don’t have Oracle the examples would have been less useful. To remedy this situation, and take advantage of availability of Sun MySQL Community Server as a Free, Open Source software, I resolved to use My SQL in all blog notes, which require a database, which I will be developing from now on. For these who care, MySQL is the third most used RDBMS in the World. Some of the largest web sites in the World use it.See my blog at for discussion of how to obtain, install and configure MySQL Community Server on Windows.

This note discusses how to configure the Java CAPS 6 JDBC eWay (Repository) to connect to the MySQL Community Server both in XA and non-XA mode. In particular, the note points out an additional, critical configuration item that is undocumented and is bound to trip plenty of people. I hope this will save you the time and the trouble of working out for yourself what the correct incantations are.

The entire note is contained in Java CAPS 6 JDBC eWay _Repository_ MySQL Configuration.pdf

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