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As implemented in OpenESB and Java CAPS 6/JBI, JBI at first put me off completely. I had no idea where to start and what to do. This was particularly annoying as I was reasonably effective in developing solutions using Java CAPS 5.x and did not look forward to trying to figure out how to do in OpenESB the same thing I already new how to do.

This document is intended to save you the anxiety and help you get over the initial hurdles. It walks through the process of creation, deployment and execution of a simple File-to-File integration solution, with detailed step-by-step illustrations. The focus is the practice of using JBI components not the theory of JBI.

This document addresses the integration solution developers, not developers of Service Engines or Binding Components.

The projects use JBI components only, that’s why they are just as good for OpenESB exploration as they are for Java CAPS 6/JBI exploration.

JBI (Java Business Integration) is not discussed to any great extent. JBI artifact names are used in discussion but not elaborated upon. Explanations are provided where necessary to foster understanding of the mechanics of developing integration solutions using JBI technologies in OpenESB and Java CAPS 6/JBI.

Java CAPS 6 and OpenESB are two of a number of toolkits that implement the JBI specification (JSR 208). When I use an expression like “In JBI …” I actually mean “In JBI as implemented in Java CAPS 6 and OpenESB …”. The same things may well be implemented differently in other JBI toolkits.

Java CAPS 6 “Revenue Release” is used and shown in illustrations. OpenESB can be used instead however the appearance of components shown in illustrations may vary somewhat.

01File2File.zip contains the document that documents the example in an illustrated, step-by-step fashion.

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  1. Christian Brennsteiner says:

    hi michael,

    great description.
    i would love to see it as a screencast on the caps docu site.

    regards chris

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