Mar 07

It has been a long road but the Java CAPS Book, on which my colleagues and I have been working for a while, is about to make it into the world. The publisher made it available on line through the Safari Books Online – Rough Cuts.

Anyone with a subscription can get their hands on the material right now. Anyone without a subscription can get a trial subscription from Safari Books Online.

The URL is:

The printed version is expected early May 2008.



A correction – Sebastian’s name is spelt incorrectly – it is actually Sebastian Krueger – we are working on getting the spelling corrected.

Thanks Christian for picking up the acronym error.

9 Responses to “Java CAPS Basics – Implementing Common EAI Patterns – On Safari Books Online”

  1. Christian Brennsteiner says:

    spelling mistake 😉 EIA

    regards chris

  2. Kris Moens says:

    Micheal, do you know if and when the companion book part II will be made available online?


  3. Michael Czapski says:

    Hello, Kris.

    I am advised by the publisher that Part II will be available online in early April 2008.



  4. Iwan Rahabok says:

    Will it cover the upcoming release, as the timing is very close?

  5. Iwan Rahabok says:

    One more thing, can we get it (soft copy) internally? I hope it won’t be like OpenSolaris Internal, where it’s such a pain to get the soft copy internally.

  6. Michael Czapski says:

    Alas, because of the time it took to get to this point once the content was comleted, there is no meterial on teh upcming Java CAPS 6. Majority of the material is still very much applicable to Java CAPS 6/J2EE, or what some people call CAPS Classic. Ther is a conversation going on abouyt developing a Java CAPS 5 Supplement, this however, if it gets off the ground, will take at least 6 months considering publishing productiop cycles. There is also a possibility of a web site/blog being started to cover new material. There are talks about that as well.

  7. Michael Czapski says:

    I cannot really speak to this. I do know that Sun’s emplotyees have ready access to Safaro Books Online, where the first part is already available and the second part is going to be available in a month. From what I understand both are softcopies and can be downloaded. Will that do?

  8. Ed says:

    I purchased the book thru rough cuts. As a Java and JCAPS green horn I am hoping to use it with the course material from Sun course 501. It references a cd but there is no link on the rough cuts version to the cd.

    It compliments well with the course material.

  9. Michael Czapski says:

    Hello, Ed.

    I understand from the publisher that Part II will be available any day now. I also understand that the actual book, and teh CD that will go with it, will be available in print on teh 25th of April.

    I will ping the publisher to confirm.



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