Jan 11

By default, the Sun SeeBeyond Integration Server domain uses a single log to log all events, whether arising out of execution of the Integration Server or arising out of execution of Java CAPS solutions deployed to it. This log is named server.log and is kept in the <JavaVACPInstallRoot>/logicalhost/is/domains/<domainroot>/logs directory.

This note discusses how the Integration Server can be configured to deliver all or selected events to an additional log handler and how XML-formatted event information can be obtained. This note also presents some ideas on multiple logging destinations and notification.

Here is the Note itself: Java CAPS 51 – logging to additional destinations.pdf


The writing of this note, and the underlying development and configuration work, were prompted by repeated questions about logging in Java CAPS, in particular how it could be made to behave like it used to in the non-J2EE versions of the SeeBeyond EAI products. For these readers who are still waiting for the answer they like – there will be no such answer coming. It is not possible to configure logging for ‘your interface’ separately from logging for all other ‘interfaces’ since there is no notion of ‘your interface’ as a separate component in Java CAPS. There is no way to collect logging information pertaining to a specific project or deployment in such a way that all relevant information is collected, no information is lost and no information on unrelated components is included.

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